2 Reasons why Samoan Tattoo is "Sexy"

When Samoa is mentioned in daily conversations of any group of foreigners; the first visuals that come to anyone's mind are among other things; the sandy beaches, perfect hideaway and somewhere along that line are, big guys with abs and Samoan tribal tattoos.  But that last image will differ among sexes and preference what floats ones boat.

samoan tattoo, tatau samoan tattoos

Tatau or pe'a as it's called in the islands, is very much part of the fabric of Samoan traditions that its existence and popularity is closely associated with its peoples commitment and/or approval of such traditions.  That form of showing approval is not uncommon with non Samoans as well.
How many non-Samoans have we seen with amazing Samoan tattoos who needed very little convincing to get inked after living in Samoa for some time.  If this is not enough to deduce that acceptance of Samoan traditions is shown by wearing a Samoan tattoo then maybe what we are about to unfold will explain it better.
We have come a long way since our traditions alone were guilty of dictating what we etched on our bodies. 

Sex appeal, is the stronger engine now driving the desire for Samoan Tattoos and it has become viral and knows no boundaries between Samoans and non-Samoans. The guys are finding it that their chances are very much improved with the ladies when you're the one with a trendy ¾ Samoan sleeve as oppose to spaghetti arms with nothing.  This attention from the opposite sex is nothing new even with the western styled tattoos. To think that the Samoan tattoos can have the same or better effect on the ladies is absolutely far-fetched.

A well designed Samoan tattoo portrays an image of strength, great leadership and wisdom just to mention a few characteristics of a wearer.  These are attributes that matches Darwin's definition of the fittest man and who by natural selection will most likely to spread his seed.
We posted photos of guys with Samoan Tattoos on our Facebook Samoan tattoo Page and the positive feedback from the ladies really supports our claim that ladies simply dig Samoan tattoos.