Samoan Tattoo Designs


samoan designs

Following the success of our first ever Samoan Tattoo Pack 1st Ed, weve made giant improvements in our designs over the last two years and our experience in Adobe PS has allowed us to put these designs in a form that will make it easy for designers to reuse. Our Tattoo Designs stands out against all tribal tattoos and we are starting to see signs of such popularity as the youngsters are keen and proud to sport their Samoan tattoo regardless of their diverse ethnic background.

We are proud to promote and afford you the opportunity to use our digital designs which we spent countless hours in compiling.

Conventional tattoo artists who are not well versed with digital Image Editing applications will have minimum time and effort in using these building blocks to make a masterpiece so unique that you and/or your customer will be guarenteed satisfaction. The current designs used by Samoan tattooist are very conventional and the extent of complexity of any design is derived solely from natural talent.

Digital images like te content of this pack will allow you make complex designs like a pro with natural talent.

Arm yourself with this Samoan Tattoo Pack 2 and an Adobe PS or your preferred editing software and you too can contribute to our efforts to add more variation to the already beautiful traditional art.