When you're looking for some Samoan tattoo designs online, I think you will agree with me that it is rather a challenging experience.

Despite its popularity within the Polynesian group, the "tatau" as it is called, is not receiving the exposure it should.

The Samoan tattoo is a somewhat miniature niche compared to the attention the tribal tattoos are enjoying worldwide.

Tribal designs is a very broad category but arguably Samoan tattoo designs could well be a niche on its own given the complexity and nature of the tattoo patterns.
The variations are endless as different artists incorporate their own stamp of style while the overall look is still consistent with the basic elements of the original designs.

Worldwide views on Samoan TatauGoogle stats showed that Samoan tattoos receives a colossal 111,000 queries per month. Recent survey showed that 1 in every 8 (new stream of viewers of Samoan tattoo design) visitors to Samoa will get inked before leaving the islands. If these stats checks out, were looking at a 12% conversion rate which is a huge figure and can reflect the alluring temperament of the art.

Tribal Significance

Samoan tribal tattoo, both traditionally and contemporary, allows the bearer to publicly display his or her Samoan heritage, and acts as a trademark of cultural pride. More recently, it's a growing fad and for a good reason; the use of designs so unique and exceptionally exquisite shouldn't be confined to such use. In saying that, I'm not referring to the soga'imiti (type of tatau done on men) or the malu (ladies) as these pieces hold high cultural value and should not be worn just for show.

All cultures value their traditions to a great extent and Samoans chose to permanently etch them in their bodies. "In a time when there was no written language in the islands, the tatau served to document, remind and exhibit."

Whether you're Polynesian or an average tattoo enthusiast, Samoan tribal tattoo designs will catch your eye. See them to appreciate, click here


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